Building a world class marketing capability

A guide for Kiwi tech company owners

New Zealand technology companies have some of the best innovations in the world, and yet no one seems to know this. Marketing is something that a lot of companies struggle with and as an owner of a Kiwi tech company, it can be hard to find the right advice and assistance.

Concentrate_world_class_eBook_-_cover.jpgThis eBook aims to help Kiwi tech company owners better understand the role of marketing for them, the different types of marketing capabilities they should be looking for, and the answers to the great insource vs outsource debate, all to help them grow their business.

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  • The role of marketing in Kiwi tech companies
  • How to determine what to invest
  • The six marketing capabilities a Kiwi tech company needs
  • Whether you should insource or outsource your marketing
  • The sort of technology solutions you should be using to assist your marketing capability

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